Live Traceability

Trace View enables live traceability across all your requirements, test cases, and items.

  • Understand the impact of change
  • View test coverage and assure quality
  • Save time finding gaps in coverage
  • Easily navigate upstream and downstream relationships
  • Filter and export views specific to your product
Trace View in Jama Connect
impact analysis

Impact analysis

Review the impact of a change before the change is made. Jama Connect automatically highlights the items and people that are impacted when a change occurs.

relationship rules

Relationship rules

Track relationships across projects with a visual schematic that shows the impact and reach of information across the organization.

Test Management

Give your Quality Assurance (QA) teams the ability to create and organize test plans, test cases, dashboards and reports to manage testing easily, in real time. Testers can view and run their test cases, and instantly log connected defects when tests fail.

test management
test management

Align tests and requirements

Execute, open or assign tests that directly associate with requirements and features.


Regulatory compliance reporting

Build custom reports that provide the analysis you need for industry compliance while allowing you to see your data, your way. Easily show auditors the connections between regulations, requirements and tests, as well as related changes and discussions.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Jama is a single and consistent tool across multiple products and geographical sites for managing requirements.”

Metrios Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) Team

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Review Center

Simplify the review and approval process by capturing feedback from stakeholders, including voting for priority and electronic signatures for approvals. Use Review Center to share product requirements among multiple teams for review and confirmation, confirm acceptance criteria, negotiate engineering responses, iterate on specifications and confirm agreed-upon requirements.

jama connect features review center
real time communication

Gather, monitor and incorporate feedback

Review Center allows you to gather and incorporate feedback from the relevant project stakeholders, track a review’s overall progress and view team statistics to determine which requirements have the most issues to address. Reviewers can respond to a conversation that’s taking place, as well as mark items “Approved” or “Needs More Work” to complete the review.

reviews approvals


Add electronic signatures to your reviews as a baseline for different phases of your development process or compliance purposes. Jama Connect captures the date and time of completed reviews for auditing, tying each signature along with a document to stakeholders or responsible individuals.

Real Time Collaboration

Jama Connect encourages early and often collaboration and engagement. Shorten milestone phases, reduce development cycles, improve efficiency and help your teams identify risks and opportunities.

real time collaboration
decision tracking

Stream discussions

Quickly get a pulse on a project without needing to know how to navigate all of Jama Connect. Stream discussions to bring new users and stakeholders into current conversations — seamlessly.

connected users

Connected users

Quickly see who authored, made an edit, commented or was mentioned on an item. See not only who is directly connected but also who is indirectly connected through related items, allowing you to illuminate changes to those who may be affected.

More Product Features

central repository

Centralize data

Jama Connect serves as the single, always-accessible database of your product IP, automatically keeping your data organized and secure across one project or multiple.


Reuse requirements

Create catalogs of reusable requirements to get your next product to market faster. Reuse keeps requirements in sync and in context across your organization.

critical baseline

Create baselines

Take a “snapshot” that documents the current state of a project, or any subset of a project, at a given point in time — a baseline.

version compare

Compare versions

Compare two versions of a requirement side by side and readily see what has changed, allowing your team to identify and work on the specific subsets that matter most.

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